Hey Girl, it’s okay if you’re crabby.

I am unreasonably crabby right now. Nothing terrible happened today, so I know it’s one of three things: I’m hungry, I’m tired, or I’m lonely.

Now that I’m home after a relatively short day (only 8.5 hours) at the office and a quick workout (just 1.7 miles on the treadmill), I can’t decide what will ease my crabbiness. I’m thinking that if a handsome man showed up at my door with a bottle of wine and a massive hot fudge sundae and told me, “Hey girl, let me massage your calves while you re-watch season one of The Killing. Also if it’ll make you feel better, I won’t wear a shirt.” 

Since it’s been a while since Ryan Gosling has stopped by, I figured I was on my own. So I put on some sweats, grabbed some leftover pasta salad while a meatloaf takes a damn year to bake and started watching Netflix on my own.

Probably the best Hey Girl I’ve ever seen.

Funny how complicated life can get with work, relationships, and health when all it really takes to be happy is just a good meal, deep sleep, and someone to talk to. 

We like to think we’re complicated, but we’re really not.

Okay, now where’s my chocolate?


2 thoughts on “Hey Girl, it’s okay if you’re crabby.

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