It’s only been 15 days.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve completed four short stories based on one of my favorite characters I’ve created – Ruby, an art major living in a large city (Milwaukee or Chicago, I haven’t decided). Each of the stories is centered around a work of art she has created (linoleum stamp, a re-purposed book, self-portraits, and her first nude sketch), but illustrates how she works through an issue in her personal life (her own self-perception and accompanying anxiety, ending her first major romantic relationship, her parents’ divorce, and her younger brother’s suicide). Each of the stories is emotionally raw and maintains the perfect blend of exposition and dialog. In addition to these four short stories, I’ve kept my apartment spotless, tried three non-crockpot recipes (Beef Wellington, Napoleons, and coq au vin), crocheted four scarves, bought and wrapped all of my Christmas gifts, and effectively set the foundation for a loving and mutually-rewarding romantic relationship.

Sick PinterestJust kidding. I’m still single, eating leftovers, and I was sick with tonsillitis for over a week. I took three sick days (yikes!), drank my weight in Powerade, cried once to my parents on the phone because EVERYTHING hurt, and lost two pounds from a diet of mainly popsicles, jello, and vanilla yogurt, and spent a ridiculous amount of time on Pinterest. Then I spent a week on antibiotics – where I mainly crocheted (I tried knitting a few times, but I got frustrated because knitting is so damn boring compared to crochet), watched The Colbert Report, and scoffed at the terrible writing caliber of Nip/Tuck. Occasionally I read (Fun House – an excellent graphic novel if you’re looking for one, This is How You Lose Her – disappointing after Oscar Wao, Infinite Jest – that book is damn hard, and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim – rereading and still laughing), but mainly I just slept a lot. I can’t remember the last time I was so sick.

Basically, I was sick and uninspired for the last few weeks, so excuse the lack of posts. I’m not dead, I’m just not writing at the moment, which will change.

I think I’ll go write those short stories now. More posts this week.


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