Thanks, Merci, Danke, Takk, Dzięki, Gracias

Yesterday, my phone was blowing up with emails from WordPress. I got about 300 emails telling me that I had a new subscriber, comment, or Like on a post.

The most exciting part of it is not seeing the view count go up (though that is pretty awesome), but seeing that people are reading and enjoying what I do. It’s great to connect with my friends and family over my posts, but it’s an entirely different feeling when I can do the same thing with virtual strangers.

It’s funny, because the post that was Freshly Pressed was one I wasn’t sure about posting. I was feeling obligated to post something and I dug out the beginning of an essay I had started a few months ago. I did a little editing and attached my favorite picture of me and my brothers and posted it like any other day.

I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to read. I’d like to invite my new subscribers to Like Everything is Blooming on Facebook. There you’ll be able to see new posts and bonus content (by bonus content  I mean Instagrams of my writing areas, embarrassing excerpts from my high school journals, and other things I think my readers my find interesting). If you’d like to be a Superfan, you can follow me on Twitter where I share microblog posts like “The LOUDEST cricket in all of existence has been sitting outside my bedroom for the last two hours. I want to kill a bitch” or “As a grown woman, I’m probably more excited about the new T Swift single than is appropriate”.

Thanks for your support!


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