Just a huge stack of notebooks…

So tonight I spent another evening flipping through my journals. I organized my diaries by year. It’s incredible how much I used to write by hand. I just don’t do that anymore, it’s really disappointing. It’s not that I wrote anything very interesting or insightful, but I have such a clear documentation of my high school days. Once I got to college, my journaling sort of fell to the side, which is terrible. I wish I had written about my days in college as in depth as I had in high school. I know they would have been more interesting. I still have all of my notebooks and typed notes saved from college, but it’s not the same.

I’d like to get back into journaling, but I can’t imagine my daily descriptions would be very interesting. “So today I went to work. It was pretty boring. I listened to podcasts and Pandora all day. I learned about colors and guts on Radiolab and laughed at Doug Benson, then I sang along to a Fleet Foxes song. After work I was on Facebook for an hour, then I decided to have a bowl of frosted flakes. Then I went for a run. It was okay. There were a lot of people playing frisbee golf in the park today. Then I showered. Now I’m going  to read my Kindle till I fall asleep. Goodnight!” Sometimes it’ll vary with hanging out with friends, dates, and personal revelations. Those are the exciting days.

Anyway, journaling more, not just blogging more. Since I started this blog, I tend to write only the things I’m willing to put online. I have to get back to having a place where I can write completely uninhibited. Notebooks were that place for eight years. I need to get back to that.


This is my stack of journals/diaries from 1998-2006. My goal is to make this as tall as myself by the time I’m 40.


3 thoughts on “Just a huge stack of notebooks…

  1. Have you ever googled “journaling prompts”? Some of them are pretty lame, but every so often I’ll come across a virtual treasure trove of gem-like questions.

    • That’s a good idea. I haven’t done that before, but I think I will. Otherwise I run the risk of writing daily about how dull office work is.

      • I’d love to take credit for the idea, but I got it from pinterest. Ha ha. I’ve seen some really good ones, though. Barnes and Noble sells journals that are just pages with prompts. They’re kind of interesting, too.

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