So this is happening…

Here’s a quick update since you all seem to be interested in hearing about my experience at singles’ night.

The cute bartender texted me yesterday afternoon (don’t you love our age? Interactions are so passive). He bemoaned the fact that he wasn’t single & had to turn down beautiful girls who left their numbers (I doubt I was the first girl to do that). I accused the wine bar of false advertising; they should not have an unavailable handsome man working singles’ night. It’s cruel. I told him I didn’t have any intention of being a homewrecker and that if he found himself single, then he could call me.

So, yeah. Didn’t strike out. I’ve still got it.

In other news, Amazon has the Bee Gees Number Ones for just 99 cents. I’ll be jive talkin’ all day.

UPDATE: Listening to Jive Talkin & realized that saying that I will be jive talkin all day insinuates I will be lying all day. I won’t be lying all day, just dancing to disco in my cubicle.


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