Aha. To be unplugged

So, I don’t have much to report on tonight, other than the face that it has been crazy busy at work. I’ve been pulled on and off about 30 different projects, but it’s made the week absolutely fly by. This is excellent because I am on vacation as of 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. After that, I will be headed to the beautiful Boulder Lake in Lakewood, Wisconsin.

Why am I looking forward to camping? Probably because it means I will be unplugged. My cell phone will not get reception there. This means NO FACEBOOK, NO TWITTER, NO WORDPRESS, NO INSTAGRAM, NO NETFLIX. What will I do with all that time I spent in front of a screen though? I will spend the afternoons drinking whiskey cocktails in my nalgene bottle on the beach with a fully charged Kindle, a fresh notebook and a good clicky pen.

I hope to return sometime next week with fresh material, at least two books read, a sunburn, and probably two dozen mosquito bites.


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