I was going to write a big resentful post about how before yesterday, my blog had received no more than 36 views on a post. And then yesterday’s post got 104. I was going to whine for five or six paragraphs about how I’m vulnerable and all you strangers are feasting on my pain.

Then I remembered it’s my own damn blog and I capitalized on my own vulnerability.

In other news, the Chimpanzee movie was clearly made for children, but I really enjoyed it.


2 thoughts on “facepalm

  1. No one is feasting on your pain, we all care. Thats what makes us human and capable of sharing each others joys and sorrows. Its not a novel, its real life and that is why it hurts. So glad the Chimp movie was cute. Sometimes being raw and real is what most ordinary people are so drawn to. Thats some of the best posts are made of…

  2. I agree – the same thing happened to me. I posted something deeply personal and got the most hits ever. Vulnerability is attractive because in a world where everything is carefully presented and altered, especially in media and on the internet, true stories and real life are refreshing, inspiring, and relatable. Your writing is great, so please don’t stop!

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